TAUZIA International Launches #ByeByePlasticStraws Campaign for The Environmental Sustainability

By Redaksi

Starting 22 April 2019 to raise the awareness towards environmental sustainability, All Hotels under TAUZIA International Management launch #ByeByePlasticStraws campaign with hotels reducing plastic straws as a growth step and simultaneously run the movement through social media in unison for a better Earth.

#ByeByePlasticStraws campaign is to encourage the guests and also the Netizen to start caring for our environment by performing a positive activity to preserve our nature by skipping the usage of plastic straws. If the guests request the straws to drink, The Hotels would be proud to offer eco-friendly paper straws for the guests.

Effectively, this campaign involves more than 60 Unit hotels under TAUZIA International Management which already operated and spread to be exact 17 big cities in Indonesia, and also expected to be followed by many hotels will be opened soon. The F&B Sectors are one of the big revenue’s streamline seeded by TAUZIA International management. Due to the large usage of plastic straws, therefore the idea of #ByeByePlasticStraws campaign will be exercised by using new straws depicted with soft brown-colored bio paper on the cover along with its solid shape made of cassava materials.

With its purpose to anticipate the safety of our environment, threatened by the spread of plastic straws across the ocean resulting in great damage towards Sea Animals. “In order to support the safety of our environment, we came up with this idea by creating awareness to attract people’s attention throughthis campaign as an expression of caring for the living creature’s viability around us,” said Irene Janti, Director of Marketing TAUZIA.

She added, “We hope this campaign would continue gradually in our hotelsand we wish, we could reach the guest’s heart while they stay, encouraged them to perform a positive activity by doing a little step kind of using a paper straws we provide for our beloved guests.”

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