Dok. Gege

Sustainability Reporting, Apakah Perbedaan GRI Standar 2018 dengan yang Lama?


Until now, how many SME’s already reporting their sustainability?

GRI have a databased where we collect all the reports of we can get on our hands on. The current situation is out of the reports in the databased only 10% is from SME’s. where like us said, there’s 90% of global economic is SME’s. So we need to turn that around.

Dok. Gege

Do you have any target to get all SME’s reporting their sustainability?

Well, obviously that will be automate target for us to do that. That’s why it’s important for us to have the program like the one that we have running now here in Indonesia and in 5 developing countries, it’s being sponsored by Switzerland. And really we want to get a lot SME’s here in Indonesia, hopefully there would be triple effect when other’s see that this is really beneficial for them to start reporting.

What do you think about the SME’s report in Indonesia?

We just giving the training now to the trainers, to help us rolled out the program here in Indonesia. In the databased, there are 15 report from SME’s from last year. Of course that is very low number when you think about amount of SME’s in Indonesia. At least they can be example for the other, and to know that Indonesia is very SME’s rich country.

Is there any benefit for Indonesian government?

Absolutely, I mean for the instance the government comitted on behalf of Indonesia to contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), just like other government, member of UN. Government realize one of the way of achieving the goals is to make sure progress to be made in Indonesia, and the way is that company start to report on what they doing when it come to sustainability. Get them to acknowledge the impact of their causing, how they want to deal with those and improve and become more sustainable.