Sustainability Reporting, Apakah Perbedaan GRI Standar 2018 dengan yang Lama?

By Redaksi
Dok. Gege

Jakarta – Majalahcsr. Sustainability Report (SR) adalah informasi perusahaan mengenai kinerja ekonomi, lingkungan dan pemerintah. Namun tidak hanya melaporkan dari data yang terkumpul, SR adalah metode untuk menginternalisasi dan memperbaiki komitmen organisasi terhadap pembangunan berkelanjutan dengan cara yang dapat ditunjukkan kepada pemangku kepentingan internal dan eksternal.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) adalah sebuah organisasi standar internasional yang independen. GRI selain membantu para pebisnis juga membantu pemerintah dan organisasi lain untuk mengerti dan mengkomunikasikan dampak bisnisnya dalam isu perubahan iklim, hak asasi manusia, juga korupsi.

GRI belum lama ini meluncurkan GRI standar yang baru. Apa perbedaannya?

Majalahcsr.id belum lama ini sempat berbincang dengan Director of Services at GRI Asthildur Hjaltadottir yang berpusat di Belanda. Berikut petikannya :

What is the trend of development in Sustainability Reporting (SR)?

What we are seeing in SR is more and more different type of stakeholder. They starting to ask what is kind of data, then interesting about investors and frequently ask company for information about  their sustainability performance before they decided where the actually invest.

We also seeing trend among regulators and government, they also starting to requested, for instance document frequently to the listed company to provide non financial information as well as financial information.

GRI just release new version of standard, what is the main different with the previous?

When it come to the content itself, it’s not really a lot of difference with before. But the main different is structure. So now rather than presenting everything in one bundle of guide lines, we separated it in individual standart like a modular structure. It will easier for us to update individual standart, even add new standard as new topic become relevan in the field sustainability. And also make it easier for reporters to used them and refer to them.

So reporter now can choose, not to use the complete set or to be on quarter but actually just use in individual standard the most relevan to them. And still have the option of calling the report as GRI reference report.

Why GRI interested to design the project of SME’s report?

GRI now have been operation for the 20 years, so 20th anniversary this year. I think we very successful of making sustainability reporting trend among a large companies. But the fact of the matter is the global economic consist of 90% of  SME’s. SME’s not really reporting and they not really conducting they business in really on responsible way, so we think that we want to move to words sustainability. Expecially now sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the UN, the agenda of all nation and we want to achieve in 2030, so we must get the SME’s on board.

What we have to do is to make sure SME’s understand that this is the important practice for them. Not just to pleased other not just compliance exercise they have to do it, because it is so important for them as a business, for them to survive as a business.

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